Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A bit late, and a lame name.

1) I apologize for the last minute notice....but...to those who have not heard about it, Bike Authority in Broadview Heights, Ohio is hosting this event tonight:

Common Injuries that plague people during race season
Date: 2-5-2008 Time: tuesday @ 06:00:00
Description: Renowned Dr. Nilesh Shah from Summa-Health will discuss common injuries (tendonitis…etc.) that plague people throughout the race season that they ignore… but focus on recovering and rehabbing to set them up for a good season next year. Attendance is strictly limited to 28, please sign up early! Meeting held at Bike Authority Store.
E-mail: BikePro@BikeAuthority.com Admission is free, we do ask a donation of one can of food that will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

2) According to this article on cyclingnews.com, pro road race squad Team High Road (formerly known as T-Mobile) has changed its headquarters from Germany to San Luis Obispo, California. This appears to be great news for cycling in America, as the more UCI pro teams HQ'd in this country the better.

So, I'm reluctant to be a Negative Norby here, but Team High Road has to be the most banal and self righteous team name...ever.* I applaud the team's extensive doping controls, which is the reason for the name. But, the name itself seems to invite derision from other teams, as it implies that they and they alone are the high and mighty "clean" team of the pro peloton. Plus, the name incorporates no humor, irony, modesty, or any form of self awareness that it sounds like it was coined by someone in a government propaganda program.

The team has a sizable budget from which it could have a paid a halfway decent creative marketing person or firm to come up with....well anything better than Team High Road.

C'mon guys, I really dig the message, but the name has to go.

* I do realize that some may accuse me of hypocrisy for mocking the name of Team High Road while recently criticizing those who took issue with the name of the Portland volunteer organization called Portland Bike Militia that provides bike escorts to those who feel safer riding with a companion, especially at night. To be honest, I have no defense to these accusations of hypocrisy, but I stand by my position that Team High Road is the lamest name imaginable.

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JimmyNick said...

I've got an idea for a name: How 'bout Rock Racing?
Wasn't that the guy who tried to steal Wilma Flintstone away?