Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is this what they mean by "limited government"

Now the FBI is opening an investigation into whether Roger Clemens lied under oath before Congress a few weeks ago when he testified that he never took steroids.

This whole episode is an embarrassment. We are a country bogged down in a zillion dollar war, a good portion of our citizens have no health insurance, and the economy is in the tank. The solution: waste Congress's time and our taxpayer money by holding Congressional hearings about whether there is a steroid problem in baseball. Then start another investigation into whether a washed up pitcher lied about taking roids.

A few observations:

1. Remember when the Floyd Landis scandal broke and American mainstream media sports news people summarily dismissed cycling as a fraudulent sport while continuing to treat the Big 3 "American" sports as clean and legitimate? Now that was funny.

2. Any politician, from either party, who seriously takes part in these hearings should be ashamed of themselves.

3. Any politician who claims that he/she stands for "limited government" but supports these government hearings on steroid use in baseball (a non-governmental organization, last time I checked) should be ashamed of themselves.

4. Just ride your bike and screw all of these dirty athletes.

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JC Sell said...

Could not agree more! No one should be surprised, I went to a small suburban high school were half the football and baseball team were on the juice. Now, throw in the potential of million dollar contracts for just hitting a few extra home runs or bone-crushing tackles, these guys have been juicing since high school, too. It is a problem, but you're right, why is congress getting involved? Why are they going after the players? What happened to Osama, why is every third house in my county going into foreclosure, why don't we have health care for poor kids (at least)...oh wait, those issues won't get their faces on CNN, CNBC, CSPAN for 5 hours/day! AHH Politicians!