Tuesday, February 26, 2008

But why are we offended?

JimmyNick recently re-opened some old wounds by talking about the 105.7 WMJI morning show with Lanigan and Malone. These are the two who, a few years ago, commiserated with on-air callers about how bikes don't belong on the road as they discussed the best way to "take out" cyclists (throwing things at them, dooring them, etc.).

Apparently Lanigan recently got worked up on the air over another species of worthless life forms....pedestrians who have the audacity to walk on plowed streets instead of on the unplowed sidewalks in the winter.

It's pretty obvious that allowing someone like Lanigan (or pretty much any other morning talk radio dj) to get under your skin is about as much of a waste of time as listening to his crappy show. But still, many people do listen to and actually look up to this guy.

So why am I personally offended by this guy's antics? It's all an act, right? A show. Entertainment. I'm the first person to believe that humor is best when it's irreverent and offensive. I liked the movie The Aristocrats. If the Onion wrote one of its satirical articles advocating taking out cyclists, I would probably find it hilarious. Same if if Conan did it in a monologue.

So why does Lanigan burn our blood?


You just know that, to some extent, he's not kidding. You know that some people calling in really want to take out a cyclist. You know that Lanigan also knows this but allows the hateful banter to continue. You know that Lanigan really can't stand it when pedestrians want to commute to wherever they're going without walking in 10 inches of snow or treacherous ice. That's why. It's not because we're some kind of thin skinned lefties who get our spandex or rolled up jeans or cargo shorts in a knot every time someone challenges us. It's because they're not kidding. And we know it.


Eric said...

I'm with ya on that. I get worried that the true morons who listen to Lanigan take him seriously and his banter could result in someone getting hurt or possibly killed. I just refuse to listen to him anymore.

thump said...

Jimmynick's post is especially eloquent, and his rage is understandable. I to am appalled at the way the two dopes on the radio advocate random, cruel violence to satisfy their own feelings of entitlement. I can only hope that we as members of the cycling community join walkers and runners in expressing our outrage directly.

The station's phone numbers and contact info are:

6200 Oaktree Blvd, 4th Floor
Independence, Oh 44131

Phone Numbers:

Main Phone: (216) 520-2600

Local Request Line: (216) 578-1105

I called, gave my name, my profession, and said that I am disgusted that WMJI continues to support people who have again advocated violence. If they are not serious, then their "gag" was a very poor, and potentially dangerous attempt at humor.