Sunday, February 03, 2008

Post Industrial

Today Chris B, Dan M., and I did a version of what we call the Post Industrial Ride. The ride involves catching the Metroparks and taking the Bedford/Tinkers Creek Reservation down to Canal Road, where we catch the bike path near Rockside Road and head towards town. The path goes to Harvard, then restarts near the Steelyard Commons shopping center and takes you towards Tremont. The ride then goes through downtown, then home. For me, it was about 55 miles today.

The name of the ride originates from the aesthetically pleasing but unpleasant smelling stretch of the ride between Granger Rd. and downtown. The old railroad bridges, giant fuel tanks, steel mills, and other assorted industrial detritus along the bike path create a neat vibe. We also rode over those two pretty nifty zillion dollar pedestrian/bike bridges by Granger.

Another fun fact of the industrial part of this ride is that once, a few years ago on a night ride, a friend and I encountered a 50 pound beast plopped squarely in the middle of the bike path next to the canal. When I called the Metroparks the next day to inquire about what we may have possibly encountered, the excited woman on the phone congratulated me for my sighting of a giant beaver. No joke.

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JimmyNick said...

Heh heh ... He said beaver.