Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sorry about that gun, sweetie!!

According to this story from the BikePortland blog, this ad ran in the "missed connections" section of the Portland area

To the girl who ran into my car door on her bike -
As you peddled away crying, I realized that I had over reacted. I was having a bad day and had just spent a lot of money on a new paint job, but pulling a gun on you was out of line. I’d like to make a formal apology in person. Over a bottle of wine and/or dinner, perhaps?

I would venture to guess that the author of this post is not too bright since he/she?? just admitted to committing a pretty serious crime on a public message board.

There is some debate as to whether this ad was serious or a joke. If it was a joke, it's really not that funny (kind of like this blog). And, the joke could actually be on him if the cops were to follow up on the ad and make him explain why he "jokingly" admitted to a crime.

The best part of the ad, if true, is the fact that the driver seems to almost be looking for a date with the girl on whom he pulled his gun. A real Don Juan. It would be like posting an ad on Craigslist that said: "To that lady I mercilessly beat to a pulp yesterday and stole your watch....please forgive me, and let me take you out for a bottle of chianti and some good conversation next week."


Ray Huang said...

My analogy for drivers using their cars to threaten cyclist (the squeeze, the swerve, the speed up and fly by) is like a person on the street pulling a gun to make his point about how he/she disapproves of what your doing.

Police officers will sometimes buzz us, but Ive never seen one flash there gun...I wonder why??

Its so not funny!! But your blog often is funny and enlightening,, unlike mine!! I just talk about me.

thump said...

Ray's right, the car's a weapon.

The other part of this I like is the part where the guy says "ran into my car door," as if the guy is completely without blame.

And we can only imagine the berating she endured, and which I presume preceded the guy pulling out his gun and threatening her with it.

Also, like Ray, I like this blog because it addresses issues that transcend cycling. So, thanks benjacat--and, thanks, too, Ray, I read you blog. Seeing what others are doings stokes my greatest motivator: fear of being left behind.