Friday, February 22, 2008


we're happy because we run

A recent article in the Cleveland Free Times talks about an elusive pack of wild dogs that lives in and around Rockefeller Park by MLK Blvd. These days, the dogs are chasing cyclists and joggers on the bike path more often, there are more dogs, and the chasers give up less easily than they did in the past. Wild dogs are and have always been a problem on this stretch of road ever since I bought my first road bike in 1999 and rode MLK on my "Rock Hall and back" loop.

These days I am rarely chased by dogs on my normal routes, which include many rural roads in eastern Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Lake counties. But, whenever I ride out of town, I am always chased by at least one dog. It really takes the fun out of riding when you must approach every house you pass with caution and attentiveness and be ready at any point to engage in a 30 second sprint while hoping the dog gives up the chase.

Here's to responsible dog owners everywhere who keep their pets (and us cyclists) safe by keeping dogs off of the streets. Because my idea of sharing the road only goes so far.


JimmyNick said...

I'm always ready for the black dogs on MLK, and I even goad them sometimes into a good chase -- I think they believe it's in good fun, too. But they also migrate over to the South Marginal from time to time, and they jumped me there unprepared. They coulda caught me. But they didn't. They just run along and bark, and we both laugh.
For a more terrifying dog threat, check this out. You may never want to ride a bike again:

Scott Thor said...

I know what you mean about dogs ruining your rides. I have a sweet five mile climb near my house but at the bottom is a viscous mut that always chases after me so I've been avoiding that route.

I wish someone would come up with a portable zapper that you could take these muts down with or maybe better yet their owners. The few times I've driven by his house I've been hoping he's out in the road so I can "accidentally" take him out.

David Anthony said...

I'm no cycling expert. However, I do possess more than a passing curiosity about canines. I think the best way to handle packs of wild dogs is to get off the bike and befriend them. Pet them, snuggle with them, love them

They also should be counseled about the dangers of gangs. While they yearn for a sense of belonging; gangs are not the answer.