Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free Escort Service!!

Get your mind out of the gutter man, not that kind of escort service. This recent article on BikePortland.org talks about the Portland area "PDX Bike Militia," which is a volunteer based organization that provides a person with a "bike escort" if he/she feels uncomfortable riding home alone from work, riding home from a night out, or riding alone in any other situation where the person would feel safer with a riding companion. There is also a mention on the group's flyer that sometimes the escort brings cookies...now that's service.

This is a great idea and is another example of how Portland pretty much shows up the rest of the country when it comes to progressive bike culture.

I wonder if something like this could be implemented in the N/E Ohio area?

I was also fascinated by the many reader comments on the BikePortland article that took issue with the "Bike Militia" name. Instead of focusing on the good of this program, they focused on the potential divisiveness of the group's name.

C'mon people, let's have a little sense of humor with life, can we?


Ray Huang said...

How about a place to meet(now really get your heads out of the gutter or is that the public restroom?) and then a group ride home to the east side and one to the west side? Wouldn't be all the way home, but get you out of downtown, etc traffic at least?

ds said...

That's a good idea. I think the folks over at clevelandbikes.org do something like that a few times a year on bike to work days.

JimmyNick said...

In addition to its monthly Bike To Work days, ClevelandBikes tried to drum up some commuter mentors/ride buddies. Hasn't worked so far.
But these kinds of things only advance very incrementally until they reach, uh, critical mass (decent term, co-opted by a-holes). That process takes tons of patience and persistence and some dedicated leaders.
Unfortunately, folks here get frustrated, thinking there's supposed to be some miracle.
And everyone waits for everyone else to start commuting. Meanwhile, all those everyones keep talking about Portland.
F--- Portland. Ride your bike in traffic and help it happen here.

David Anthony said...

I've got an idea. How about somebody starts a bicycle escort service in Cleveland, but the escorts are attractive young ladies. I'd ride my bike everywhere--Ridge Park Square, Biddulph Plaza, Jigsaw Saloon. I mean seriously it'd be a great incentive for me to get out and ride. And oh yeah, the bicycle escort has to at least talk to me.

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