Monday, February 11, 2008

Do they make handmade car alarms for bikes?

According to this article on

...the vast majority of booths at this year's NAHBS [North American Hand Made Bicycle Show, being held in Portland, Oregon] had some sort of city bike or utilitarian commuter on display. Whether that stands as an indicator of growing trends in the marketplace, the local influence of the commuter-infused Portland scene, or a direct consequence of rising energy costs, it doesn't really matter: townies are still arguably the reigning genre of choice at NAHBS.

I find this fascinating and encouraging. More commuter bikes means more people using bikes as transportation, less cars, more incidental exercise, the list goes on. But who is willing to lay out the cash for a relatively expensive handmade commuter bike to beat on in the rain, snow, and sleet? A bike to leave outside the coffee shop, grocery store, or bar while dozens of degenerates and potential thieves walk past and eye your prized handbuilt, custom painted, steel lugged masterpiece as they wait for that split second when no one is watching so they can steal a bike they will never come close to appreciating.

Maybe I'm just cynical. Maybe I'm paranoid. Or maybe these people's bikes are insured.

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