Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rock and Republic

Don't worry, this is not a post about doping in pro cycling.

But, I have to say that this Rock and Republic Pro Cycling Team is a trip. For those unaware, some rich cycling fanatic who runs Rock and Republic clothing company (famous for its jeans) is bankrolling a a pro cycling team. He's outspoken, he swears a lot, and he fits into cycling culture about as well as his Cadillac and Rolls Royce team cars fit in with all of the Euro wagons normally used in pro races.* I don't know if this guy is going to be pro cycling's savior or its downfall, but the whole spectacle is sure entertaining to watch.

About as entertaining as Rock and Republic's website, whose tagline is Sexy denim inspired by rock and roll, with emphasis on modern silhouettes and sleek fit.

Because nothing screams of rock and roll's sense of rebellion and anti-establishment ethos like a pair of $326.00 blue jeans.

* I just read today, however, that the Cadillac automobile was named after a 17th century French explorer who founded Detroit in 1701. If that's true, it means that perhaps Caddies do fit in the European pro race caravan. It also means that there are a lot of red blooded 'Mericans (including Boss Hog) who are unknowingly driving around in a car named after a French guy. Now that's funny.


Ray Huang said...

For now I am all for R&R racing i about and what he wants to bring to racing. hes got teh balls to and the money to make things happen and make people listen to him and thats good. Hes behind the racers. not to mention I like a rebel, to a point. but thats a whole nother conversation. And 41 year old Cipo looked darn good today too.

Ray Huang said...

OK grammer check. "I am all for what R&$ racing is all about..."

ds said...

He also wants riders' union. Is it me or is that a pretty interesting opinion from a team owner?

Most people in power in pro cycling right now have their heads up their a**'s and seem to be destroying the sport with their own personal agendas and vendettas.

I agree, this guy may be a very good influence on the sport.

The real question though is how many more ladies will fall for Cipo now that he'll be sporting those badass R&R jeans all of the time.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Julie's tight with them.