Friday, February 08, 2008

Lets show some love when the local media covers us

Kudos to local racer and Plain Dealer writer Jim Nichols for his recent PD article on locally based domestic/European pro roadie Brooke Miller. Anyone who has ridden with Brooke knows that she works her tail off and deserves every bit of success she has achieved at the highest levels of pro cycling.

So now is our chance to voice our support for the PD's coverage of cycling. We cyclists do a very good job of complaining about the mass media's lack of coverage of our sport/hobby/mode of transportation/life's obsession. Let's let the PD know that we appreciate this article and would love more cycling coverage, from commuting and advocacy issues to race coverage. Call them, e-mail them, do whatever. You are a target market, and your voice as a consumer is only heard when you raise it.

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