Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long distance nanny (Stanley) cam

Last weekend, Stanley and I traveled to upstate NY for a guys only trip that included a day-long dog training workshop on Saturday.

On the way, we stopped at Allegany State Park for a hilly hike.

On Sunday, we pretended we were "serious" hikers and did some technical routes in the Mohonk Preserve and at Minnewaska State Park.

The Most Innovative Use of Technology on the Trip prize, however, went to Katie. She suggested that she keep an occasional eye (from home, nearly 500 miles away) on a crated Stanley in the motel room via Skype while I hit up (on both nights) a local place called Hopheads for some locally sourced veggie food and really good beer. This allowed him to relax in a climate controlled room while I went out in the cold night, and was just just a phone call away in the event that Katie noticed that he was making a racket at the motel.

All hail the power of the Internets.