Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh dear

I've just been informed that one of my favorite artists, Iron and Wine, has a song that appears in the new teenie-vamp movie Twilight. In a prom scene.

I'm glad I got a chance to see them play the Grog Shop several years ago, because I suspect the days of seeing them at a venue that charges less than $30 to see a show may be over.

I also suspect that Sam Beam (the bearded force behind Iron and Wine) will be having a financially sound 2009 (and beyond) as a result of this movie soundtrack inclusion. It couldn't have happened to a better artist, although he will likely tire of seeing the average age at his shows drop by a good 10-15 years, as well as seeing half (or more) of the crowd clamoring for "that song from Twilight" while talking over the rest of the set. Especially the new songs.

The art vs. commerce debate rages, doesn't it now?

Here is Iron and Wine playing with southwestern-centric band Calexico at an Austin television station:

And here is a live version of the song that would later be included in Twilight:

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Ben said...

Thanks for some good music to start off the new year. I'm now even more disappointed that I missed Iron and Wine the last time they came through town.