Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Category Upgrade

For me? Yea, right. No, for Reuben.

Last week we entered another agility trial and he earned another title in the Jumper's class. He is now in the "elite" class, which is analogous to getting a Cat 2 upgrade for all of the bike racers reading this. Not only did he earn the title, but he took first place out of about 6 dogs in the run below, most of which were herding dogs who are supposed to beat big smelly coonhounds. Oh the irony.


Ray Huang said...

Go Reuben!! AWWWOOOOooo

JimmyNick said...

You have proven for some time that big, smelly hounds can fare well in competition.
Why would Ruben "cat" up instead of dogging up? Because he's a fag, of course.

JimmyNick said...

A dog with no clothes that enjoys the snow: