Thursday, December 04, 2008

Old school workout

Truly old school, as in at my old school. This week I broke down and bought a winter membership to the rec center at ye ole' college alma mater. Now I can be one of those creepy old guys who work out alongside all of the youngsters.

Actually, I enjoy weight training there because I feel like a puny little nerd compared to the hulking football players and hardcore weightlifters who frequent the place. At 6'0" and 190-some pounds, I spend the majority of the year looking freakishly large compared to all of the bike racers with whom I ride and race (and try to keep up with). It's pretty funny then to be the smallest guy in the room, searching for the smallest dumbbells on the rack while the other guys are throwing around a couple hundred pounds without batting an eye.

Now I just need to find my racquet and take advantage of those sweet racquetball courts that called my name as I walked by them the other day.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Hey Dave,

Is it the CSU Rec? I belong - and it's a great place - although I do feel twice as old but twice as fit as those kids.


duff said...

I love my local gym's raquetball box. My friend and I played a while (until we got good enough to hit it to a corner to exploit the other's terribleness and render a return impossible, so it was less of a workout and less fun.)

ds said...


No, John Carroll. It's so convenient and close to home that I can ride there in virtually any weather.

That new CSU facility looks very impressive from Chester. I wish they had that stuff when I went there.

Ben said...

Hey Dave,

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