Thursday, January 01, 2009

Today's run

The description of it on says it's 8 miles long. It also says this:

Although noisy at the beginning and end from nearby interstate traffic, this long walk [run] is well worth the effort. You will climb up and down hills, hike through a cool pine forest, and cross the valley of Boston Run on the first part of the hike. At mid-point you will have an opportunity to visit the historic town of Peninsula and new Lock 29 Trailhead. The return section of the hike goes along the flat canal Towpath Trail with views of the Cuyahoga River and wildlife along the way.

I would add that there is a pretty sketchy creek crossing that requires crawling over downed trees to get to the other side. This crossing would be nothing in the summer because you could easily just walk through the wide stream. Not so much when it's below freezing outside. This part, as well as a very neat descent with with dropoffs on both sides of you, occurs near the end of the Buckeye Trail section (before you hit Peninsula and return on the Towpath). You can avoid this bit with the stream crossing (and the extreme coolness) if, about 3.5 miles into the hike/run, you take a sharp right (down the old road) when the trail turns into an old overgrown road for a few hundred feet before continuing into the woods. Hanging that sharp right will take you into Peninsula from the north instead of from the east if you go the whole route.

Oh yea, and follow the blue trail markings on the trees.

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Ray Huang said...

YOu know i'd be lost!! One good thing about trail running, if your feet get wet, they usually stay warm anyways. At least till you get back to the car!! I am up for some trail running, bt during the week. Weekends are full up now.