Monday, December 01, 2008

That didn't last long

I usually lose the love for road riding right around September. This year was no exception. After returning home from the Vermont stage race and a subsequent vacation, I had no desire to ride the road bike. When I did, a 90 minute solo ride seemed insufferably long. The prospect of a 2+ hour group ride was odious. I was all about cyclocross riding and racing, running, and some mountain biking.

I'm back now. In love with road riding, that is. A 2+ hour group ride in the cold on Friday was a blast. A 2+ hour solo ride on Saturday was equally good.

I'm still completely looking forward to the last cyclocross race of the season this weekend. But, when it's over, I will get back to obsessively checking the weather forecast to find days when it will be tolerable to venture outside on the road in this frozen tundra of a region in which we live.

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