Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Knob

Back in January, I talked about the resurrection of area mountain bike course Vulture's Knob.

Here's a video of the Knob from it's new website:


JimmyNick said...

Sickly stupid and stupidly sick. My helmet's off to the guys who have the balls and skills (er, mad ballz and mad skilz) to do that sh--. But what's the point in hurting yourself 22 times so that you don't get hurt on the 23rd? I guess I'm just not self-loathing or quasi-suicidal enough to do well at this, or standing on top of water towers in a thunderstorm, or juggling knives, or any other sport or activity in which the object is to do nothing more than defy death or serious injury.
Damn, I'm old.
Then again, I felt the same way when Kevin Ginther broke his leg in an early "hucking" experiment back in '72.

Ray Huang said...

friends dont let ray go to the knob. Finally at 3:30 there was some video that looked like what I could handle. Everything else was way over my head.

Oh well...Thanks for the vid.