Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We have a winner

Congrats to Thom D., who knew the answer to yesterday's contest question. The name of the song was Broken Bicycles by Tom Waits. Although Thom failed to read the fine print of the contest rules and e-mailed me his answer instead of posting it as a comment to the blog, I will cut him some slack and still declare him the winner.

I conducted a post-contest e-mail interview with our lucky winner Thom. Here is the text of the interview with answers in italics:

1. who is your favorite spice girl?
cardamom spice

2. have you ever romanced or attempted to romance someone while listening to tom waits?
yes, certainly. even mr. waits himself...

3. shimano or campy or sram?
ShRAMpy. (ok, campy)

4. do you consider yourself?
a) a tom waits fan
b) ambivalent about tom waits
c) someone who dislikes tom waits
d) someone who only knows about tom waits because you look cool as hell at parties when people start talking about him and you can hold your own in the conversation
answer: a

5. who has better hair, quick step's tom boonen or csc's fabian cancellara?
boonen's euro-mullet trumps all, even from history.

6. do you ever sing tom waits songs in the shower? if so, which ones?
Any I can remember. One can only imitate his voice while gargling steamy water.

7. how has winning this contest changed your life?
It has increased my daily email activity by a full 3 percent.

(end of interview)

Here is a video of Mr. Waits performing Broken Bicycles at the Montreal Jazz Fest in 1981. Look at the angle of that tipped hat!!

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Ray Huang said...

"The Microphones been drinking" My favorite Tom Waits lyric. I remember that from going to the Cleveland Flats on College break (and that was a long time ago).