Wednesday, April 16, 2008

125 reasons to commute by bike/bus/train

A $125 ticket while driving downtown Tuesday morning. For several reasons, I couldn't ride there. But I could have taken the rapid.



JimmyNick said...

Note that A does not necessarily follow B: I got pulled over twice on bike commutes. Once for speeding on MLK on the hill to U. Circle; and once for "running a red light" (allegedly!). I kissed cop ass both times, thus avoiding a ticket. Yessir, officer, we bikers ARE nuisances, eh?

MattO said...

Three words for you:"DO NOT PAY!!!"

JC Sell said...

I'll be at Fairmount Circle 6:00 AM to ride downtown tomorrow morning. Look for my obnoxiously bright blaring rear tail lights!!

JimmyNick said...

JC: What is this thing you call "6:00 AM"? Curious ... I've only heard of 6 p.m.