Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A contest!!

The first person to leave a comment to this post identifying the artist and name of the song with the following lyrics will win wild praise from this blog, a prize not to be underestimated. And no, you're not allowed to cheat and use the internet to find the answer.

Broken bicycles, old busted chains
With rusted handle bars, out in the rain
Somebody must have an orphanage for
All these things that nobody wants any more
September's reminding July
It's time to be saying goodbye
Summer is gone, but our love will remain
Like old broken bicycles out in the rain
Broken bicycles, don't tell my folks
There's all those playing cards pinned to the spokes
Laid down like skeletons out on the lawn
The wheels won't turn when the other has gone
The seasons can turn on a dime
Somehow I forget every time
For all the things that you've given me will always stay
Broken, but I'll never throw them away

1 comment:

GB said...

Darn no cheating allowed...

I'll have to defer to someone more knowledgeable or less honest than myself.