Monday, April 07, 2008

I thought I was hardcore

Until I thought about it. This weekend, I rode 80 miles on Saturday and 75 on Sunday, which amounts to about 155 miles, or 249.4 km. That is about 15 km less than the pros did Sunday alone in the Tour of Flanders, through windswept fields and 17 (mostly cobbled) climbs, all in the rain and snow. At an average over 25 mph. Sick.

photo courtesy of Graham Watson as it appeared on on 4/7/08


JimmyNick said...

Hey, I found a Sunday group I can climb with!
That's what I look like going up my driveway apron.


Ray Huang said...

How do they do it?? Lets ride 30 hours one week in the mountains just so we can know what a normal spring training week is for them!!

MikeV said...

I think it's all that Belgian beer they drink in the feed zones.

David Anthony said...


Don't be hard on yourself. I can't even drive 75 or 80 miles in a day without feeling exhausted and requiring rest. What those guys are doing in the tour is inhuman.