Monday, April 21, 2008

Everyone and their mother...

...showed up for this past weekend's Race at the Lake in Munroe Falls, OH. They also all blogged about it after the race. My own mother, however, did not race. She recently had a total knee replacement. She also didn't blog about the race, because she still has a dial-up internet connection and rarely uses her computer. Neither would I if I had to wait five minutes every time I wanted to view a new page.

Anyways, the Elite Cat 1-2-3 field was full of studs (the author of this post not being one of them, to state the obvious). After it started, I was actually having a decent time. That is rare for me at a crit. Then it got fast, and the obviously unseasoned racer on whose wheel I was riding decided to quit by slowing down and pulling out of the race. This person was from a team you would not expect that behavior from, which is why I was on his wheel to begin with. I'll leave it at that.

The problem was that there were several people (including me) on his wheel when he slowed down and made his hard right turn to exit the race. At the time, I was maxed out and frustrated. I closed the gap to the next guy, who then also blew. At that point, it was game over for me. I spent the rest of the race relaxing in the team car (my Element) and spectating as the dwindling field sprinted past the parking lot every lap.

SBR's Tom K. rode very well and hung in there with the main field until the end.

Like usual, the race was run extremely well by the Summit Freewheelers. Props to them for all of their hard work.


Rick said...

I hate saying this, but you are one of the strongest riders I have had the pleasure of getting dropped like a bad habit by. The kind of guy that leaves you laughing while in indescribable pain. However, I can understand that you don't like crits. I love them and don't care for the long hilly "puke your guts out" rides like you do so well at. I do love your eloquent prose that you weave in your race descriptions.

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