Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Some time ago, Katie was into Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins cereal. I may have even tried the stuff. I definitely picked it out and bought it at the store several times, but never much looked at the illustration on the box.

Then, several months ago, I was lounging around half asleep one evening when she started talking about the puffin, a "small penguin with a parrot's beak that flies and lives somewhere around Nova Scotia."

If I had one at the time, I would have hit the bullshit button. I was sure that she was messing with me in my state of half-consciousness. There is no such creature. Go away and leave me alone.

But there is:

She will now not let me live down this episode because she assumes that the existence of puffins is common knowledge. So far we have asked one other person and they had no idea what a puffin was or what we were talking about.

Did you know about these odd-looking winged beasts before today? Be honest.


Mike N. said...

Yup, learned about them in elementary school; also saw them at a zoo when I was a kid (Cincinnati, I think, though maybe Columbus) and thought they were a poor substitute for penguins.

John said...

They are ubiquitous in kids movies... ELF comes to mind... they are also used in at least one Dreamworks animated short... so you can count my whole house for Katie.


John said...

...and we have a Puffin Christmas ornament.

td said...

You totally didn't know there were such things as puffins. I think Katie wins this one. They're as close as Canada, for chrissakes. td

David Anthony said...

Come on Dave! Haven't you ever seen my Puffin coat with the matching Puffin hat? I personally slaughtered 20 Puffins just to become so nattily attired.