Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When it comes to good television shows, I am always late to the dance.

Which is why we just started watching The Wire. We're now nearing the end of season two, and I suspect we'll be done with all five seasons within a month from now.

See, it all makes sense. Instead of wading through all of the nonsense that calls itself good TV, we just wait until the critics we respect and/or friends with good taste recommend a show enough times that we break down.

When you do it this way, you don't waste time watching things like Life on Mars and second guessing your own opinion on how the show is a loser because, you know, it can't be bad with a cast like that.

Not that I would know.


steevo said...

Seriously best ever.
If you want to obsess over it, you should find the freshair (npr program) that interviews a bunch of the people involved, including the creator and Omar.
Omar comin

ds said...

It doesn't really matter whether I want to obsess over the show...it's too late, I have already begun to do so.

We've just been introduced to Brother Mouzone and his fondness of high brow periodicals.