Friday, November 21, 2008

What a maniac.

That must be what the neighbor thought of me while she was pulling out of her driveway and I was hosing off my muddy bike at 5:15 p.m. today in the middle of a minor snow squall. I knew I should have tended to this situation when I arrived home from the race on Sunday, but just couldn't bear to do it.

Oh yea, did I mention I had to leave the frozen garden hose in the bath tub all day so it could defrost for this chore before sunset?

This bikewash was necessary because I'm busy all day tomorrow and plan on doing the Ohio State Cyclocross Championships on Sunday, or "states," as the cool kids call it. I suppose I'll throw my hat into the 1-2-3 race and see what happens. And by "see what happens," I mean try not to get lapped.

1 comment:

Ray Huang said...

If you were wearing only a speedo and rubber boots-that would be really maniacal!!