Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bishop Allen - Kenyon

There is just something fascinating about small liberal arts colleges located in little towns in the middle of nowhere. When arriving in one of these towns, you feel like you were just teleported somewhere far away from the desolate country roads and Wal-Mart you just passed en route to the college.

Last night, Katie and I and a few friends hopped in the car and drove to one of these colleges (Kenyon College) and towns (Gambier, OH) to see the band Bishop Allen play live.

They played a room called the Horn Gallery, which is an on-campus performing arts building. In a nutshell, it was a blast.

We arrived early, then assisted the local Gambier economy by buying a bunch of sandwiches, Christmas Ale, and Bass to enjoy before the show. The show was great, the room had a neat feel, and the crowd was totally into it.

Which brings me to another question: Why are the crowds at these shows so much better than crowds at shows in major cities? Maybe because they are all free spirit college types who have yet to let the troubles of the world beat them down? Maybe because most of them don't have to wake before 10 a.m.....ever? Maybe because they're happy, as I would be, that they come from families who can afford tuition that costs nearly $50K a year? Regardless, they know how to have fun and they have the courtesy to shut the **** up when the band plays quiet songs that are so much more enjoyable without the background idle chatter of disinterested people at the back of the room.

Here's a live clip from the band playing a record store last year:

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MattO said...

heck yes! I love Gambier! I've ridden there a bunch of times and I always stop at that deli for a sandwich and a bevy. excellent road riding down there in country. also the alma matre of rutherford b. hays, paul newman, and bill watterson. . . just some interesting facts.