Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I inadvertently stumbled across this website that is a fan page for Obama's recently announced future Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. The website is very odd and has the feel of a teen magazine idolizing the latest boy band. Strange stuff, and yes, very nerdy of me to even find it (don't ask).

It also contains links to a few articles about Emanuel that refer to his exercise habits and hobbies. According to this Mother Jones article from 1993, the dude goes on super fast bike rides on bike paths wearing spandex, a helmet and no shirt. I'm sorry Rahm, but I can't condone that look. Even in 1993. Even on a bike path.

This recent article on says that he races triathlons, and that:

He told Fortune magazine's Nina Easton that he trash-talked President Bush about his mountain biking, trying to goad him into stepping it up to a triathlon and telling Bush he could wear water wings for the swimming segment if he needed them.

That's good stuff. Anything that rips on W. and fans the flames of the (friendly, of course) rivalry between multisport people and other cyclists deserves some props.

But it still does not make up for that whole lycra and shirtless debacle.


Anonymous said...

Actually the creators of do not have a boy crush, but rather are good judges of a cultural phenomenon. Rahm is Chuck Norris, but real. It's a new day in America!

prudence rabbit said...

Umm, Chuck Norris is your hero? Have you seen Walker Texas Ranger?

I'm more of an Angela Lansbury, Murder She Wrote fan myself.