Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jonathan Page, Enemy of the State

According to this article, American cyclocross racer/Euro stud Jonathan Page was placed on a watch list by the Chinese government for the summer Olympics. The list contained nine U.S. athletes and one assistant coach China thought might cause "problems" because of their association with "Team Darfur." I checked Page's website today, and found no references to Darfur. Hmmm.

The funny part, of course, is that Page was not even in the Olympics this year (as far as I know), and the watch list also included a U.S. golfer. Golf is not an Olympic sport. Am I missing something here?

Perhaps China could be more effective at squashing free speech and other human rights if it approached the issue in a more efficient fashion.

That's just my advice, China. You can take it or leave it.

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prudence rabbit said...

Now you've done it, your website is sooooo getting banned in China.