Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last rider on the course!!

That was me today at the state CX championships. After a decent start (for me at least, in such a stacked field), I found myself leading a small group of 4-5 people in the middle of lap two. Included in this group were Thom D. and Ray. Coming around a 180 degree turn, my handlebars caught some caution tape and I went down. Hard. Ray and another guy almost ran me over, then the group flew by me as I lay sprawled on the ground with a bent derailleur and seriously banged up shin.

I spent the rest of the race cruising around in no man's land, and barely missed being lapped by the winners. Since they pulled all of the lapped riders behind me, I was, in fact, the last rider to finish the race. There should be a prime for that distinction.

Congrats to Tony M. for winning the Cat 3/4 race today, and to Robert for winning his junior race.

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