Sunday, November 16, 2008

Antecdotal Observations

...from today's Broadview Heights cyclocross race, where racers faced temps in the low 30's, considerable wind, a slight bit of snowfall, and lotsa mud from yesterday's inch-plus of rain:

-There seemed to be more participants in the "A" and "A masters" fields than usual. Nice.

-There seemed to be more participants in the women's field than usual. Nice.

-It may not be warm enough all week to use the hose to clean my bike before next week's race, and I was too lazy to do it today. Not nice.

-There was an ungodly number of grown men congregated together and changing clothes in the heated "one-ie" bathroom at the race site before and after the race. Nice/Not nice, depending on how you roll.

-The firepit, cookies, and brownies by the registration area ruled. Nice.

-This sport is insane.


Ray Huang said...

I am amazed at the turnout for such crappy conditions. 89 other people as crazy as me.

I washed my bikes as soon as I got home!! I hated to do it, but my garden hose was not frozen yet so I knew I had to do it.

Chris Mayhew said...

That bathroom was a hotdog stand, wasn't it? My wife enjoyed the story.

We (three of us) hit a car wash on the way home to power spray everything. That may be the only love my bikes get before the weekend.