Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend race and ride

Saturday was the Tour of Richland County, aka the Malabar Farm Road Race. Chris B., Pete S., and I represented SBR in the 3/4 race. 4 laps, 40 miles, one big hill each lap with a few short and steep rollers.

I ended up taking 5th after making the winning break, which formed at the top of the climb at the beginning of lap 3.

Pete S also made the winning break, but fell off the pace after giving it his all to help keep us away from the field.

Chris B. finished 9th in the 3/4 race. He got caught up in traffic on the hill when the field split, ended up on the wrong side of the break, and played the good teammate role by not helping the chase catch us.

SBR's Mike Nies won the Cat 5/Citizen race, and Matt Tuskan finished in the field in the 4/5 race.

Today's ride started as a group ride to Willoughby. We then headed south, where a few people headed home and a few of us took the long way home through Chagrin Falls. We saw SoloGoat somewhere around Solon, then went home. 59 miles later and I'm pooped.

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