Monday, March 10, 2008

New Sins!

According to this article, the Vatican has acknowledged some "new sins," which include environmental degradation and some bioethics issues.

Absent on this list is sandbagging in local cycling races. Was this exclusion an oversight, or is it so obviously a sin to sandbag that its inclusion on the list was unnecessary?

I will get to the bottom of this and will update you on any information I may obtain, even if I have to go to the Pope himself.


Bill said...

I think the Pope himself did a few cross races in Germany in his younger days. I even heard he sandbagged a few too. The Pope made a special dispensation when he got elected to allow sandbagging at least once but no more than 3 times per lifetime. I felt guilty of that myself at one point and had to confess my sin(s)that's how I found out all this info.

ds said...

I didn't know that the Pope was a cyclist. That would explain the recent photo of him on the Papal Balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square, wearing a Cinelli cycling cap.

It would also explain the Colnago bumper sticker on the Popemobile.


Bill said...

Yea, he's even got a trainer set up in the Vatican so he can watch Belgain cross videos and ride the trainer at the same time. I hear He likes Belgian Frites and Blue Moon Ale too. He's cool.

Mike N. said...

Such a shame that he looks like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars; but I'll bet the lightening from the fingers came in handy for dealing with breakaways.

Ray Huang said...

I heard from a friend who has a relative who knows the housekeepr for Dan Brown that the Pope rides an Italian named bike but that it was made in China!! and its even SRAM equipped, not Campy!! Hes going you know where for that one.

thump said...

Look, I'm not sure I can man up and commit these three new sins because I'm still working on Sloth (I haven't been training), Envy (I crave a TT bike like Ray Huang's), Wrath (I'm angry at myself for being so lazy), and Gluttony (nuff said!).

Who has time for the new ones? Man, I'm in the back again.