Sunday, March 16, 2008

Biking brings you closer to joke

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Catholic Church recently acknowledged that environmental degradation is a sin.

Now, this recent AP article says that Southern Baptist leaders have stated that they too have been timid on environmental issues and have a biblical duty to stop global warming.

This article also talks about the Southern Baptist developments, a church that promotes bicycling, and has a photo of a "Ride Your Bike to Church" marquee in front of a Baptist Church.

Does this mean that bicycling is now officially a religious experience? This could seriously increase numbers on Sunday morning group rides (as long as you ride to, instead of drive to, the meeting spot, of course). Only time will tell.

Speaking of Sunday morning religious experiences, this morning involved a group ride, 40+ miles, 5 big hills, a "spirited" pace, and a broken chain link halfway up the last hill that Brett D. was kind enough to repair for me with his chain tool.


JimmyNick said...

I think I'd just now be getting to the spot where you broke your chain if I had gone. And that assumes I didn't have this ailment. It's gonna be a long, sucky season.

Rick said...

I'm glad I didn't ride with you guys....rode over 2 hrs around b-ville/akron and felt like crap for the last 20 minutes.