Monday, March 24, 2008

Old Ride New Ride

Sometimes a minor detour can really make a ride.

Today's early evening solo ride started like any normal ride to Chagrin Falls and back, which is always pretty enjoyable. After riding through town, I took some roads that I have either never or rarely been on. I found a new park that the dogs will like, a log cabin I plan to buy once I become old and rich, and a great side road that reminds me of a great side road for biking in the Shawangunk mountain range in New York.

This typical 1 hour 45 minute-long ride turned into a great 2 hour and 15 minute-long ride. Although it only only included about 8 miles of "new" roads, the ride seemed like it was over before it began.

And that is why I ride.

And because the chicks dig it.


Eric said...

I hear man. I love pulling up to a stop sign and saying, "I'm going that way"....not exactly knowing what way that is.

Sense of adventure. Gotta love it.

JC Sell said...

Cat -

We may have crossed paths...

PS: Now I feel boring for taking one of my old routes...I must explore next time!