Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thank you Mario!!

I could yammer on about chasing little fast guys up big hills for 50 miles on Saturday. But I won't. Or I could go on about how chasing little fast guys up big hills on Saturday paled in comparison to the 30 minutes of suffering I experienced while riding home in a driving 42 degree rainstorm on Sunday while underdressed for the occasion.

Instead, more pressing matters exist. Like sharing this amazing video that accompanies a song done by the Mountain Goats & Kaki King. If you ever played old school Nintendo, you should enjoy this video. Note the lyrics. The song is called Thank You Mario! But Our Princess Is In Another Castle!

I originally wanted to post a video from the Mountain Goats show we saw on Monday at Oberlin, but the two videos uploaded to YouTube from the show are not so hot.


Ben said...

Great song and video. Did they play that at the show? I'm still kicking myself for not getting tix in time.

ds said...

Nope, no Mario at the show. But some very good other song choices. And a great performance.