Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five Dollar Milkshake

I remember with clarity watching the "five dollar milkshake" scene from Pulp Fiction at the Parma (Ohio) cheapo movie theater while in high school back in the mid-90's.

(note how this clip appears to have been taped with a camcorder by someone watching the movie on a television screen...nice!)

Back then, the thought of a $5 milkshake seemed unfathomable.

However, while driving home from New York this weekend, Jason ordered a milkshake from the Edy's store at a New York rest stop and did in fact pay $5 for said milkshake.

Now I feel a grandpa who recalls the days when one could buy milk and a loaf of bread from the corner store for like fifteen cents.

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duff said...

was there bourbon in it?