Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battenkill: race!

As expected, the race got super hard exactly where I thought it would get super hard. I didn't make the lead group over the first big steep gravel climb, and spent the next 30 miles burying myself to catch the next group up the road, which I did, then managed to promptly get dropped by the guys I just dragged around for 30 miles. That's ok though...once I'm fighting for scraps, final placement matters much less than riding hard and racing my bike. Mission accomplished.

And yes, that hill at mile 55 hurts. A lot.

Teammates Jason and Derek had great races in their fields (17th and 21st, respectively), and Zak finished in the field of his race.

The hills, dirt roads, and rain (for the last 15 or so miles) made this race quite an adventure.

Here's Derek at the start of the men's 50+ plus race:

And the women's Pro/1/2/3 race:


Ray Huang said...

Thats right 'Race your damn Bike"!!!! Your good!

David Anthony said...

Damn Dave that elevation map is frightening! I thought it was my 401k!