Friday, March 27, 2009


I always knew that the yearly Cleveland International Film Festival drew large crowds. But, last night before we viewed a screening of Chaser, the festival workers informed us that they broke the one-day attendance record on Wednesday by about 800 tickets. Turns out the 10-day festival sold over 50,000 tickets last year. It is very encouraging to hear of crowds like that (especially in this economy) and feel the excitement in the air over independent cinema. The most amusing thing about the whole experience is the amount of (friendly) yelling by the workers and volunteers and the (controlled) chaos that exists as the they try to herd hundreds of people (and sometimes more) into the correct lines and correct theaters during the busy evening screenings.

Here's a trailer for Chaser. I tried to find one without this cheesy narrator, but all of the other ones were not in English and did not have subtitles.

The movie was great, but probably not a feelgood first date movie. Or a second date movie. Or a tenth date movie...especially if you met your date through an escort service.


JimmyNick said...

Still waiting for the race report, chaser.

David Anthony said...

Interestingly I heard the CIFF staff were specifically instructed to not discuss the economy with patrons. I found this actually very refreshing. Being able to watch a psychopathic Korean serial killer without hearing about problems with the latest stimulus package was excellent.

JimmyNick said...

By the way -- regarding that picture of your cat:
You know why cats lick their legs?

Because they CAN! HAHAHA!

Both you and the cat need to break out the razors.