Friday, April 17, 2009

Battenkill: Day 2

After pre-riding most of the dirt sections and the hills, it's pretty clear that this race is going to be really hard. It is a 100k course that would be challenging to simply ride, let alone race.

Today I also supported the local economy here by purchasing a Battenkill cycling cap, a quart of local chocolate milk, and lunch at a small cafe run by some pretty serious hippies.

After buying the cap, I then wore it, which makes me one of those guys who wears event specific clothing to the actual event. Like wearing a brand new Slayer tour t-shirt to a Slayer show. The upside, of course, is that the cap will give me huge amounts of cred in 20 years. It will be like wearing a Coors Classic bike race cap in 2009.

Or a tattered Slayer t-shirt from the Reign in Blood tour in 1987.


MikeV said...

Slayer rules!

Chris C said...

Good luck at the race Dave! You're going to kill it!

JimmyNick said...

Hi Dave. Does the internet reach that far?

Ray Huang said...

geez-you lost all your cool.