Friday, June 13, 2008

Racing in circles, then drag racing

Tuesday evening's pleasantly moderate temperature made for a pretty enjoyable Westlake race. The only problem was that things get a bit boring when you miss the break with over 10 laps/20 miles left in the race and there is no way the field is going to bring it back.

Last night, Ray, Pate S., and I also drove to Granger, Ohio to do the Team Lake Effect Time Trial. After getting lost trying to find the place, we were able to arrive on time and sufficiently flog ourselves in the sub 10 mile race. I did the time trial last year with my regular road bike and no aero equipment, which was pretty much like bringing a knife to a gunfight. This year, my Soloist road bike is pretty aero, and I managed to borrow Ray's TT bars and his FlashPoint deep dish front wheel.

The downside, of course, of having aero gear for a time trial is that it leaves you less excuses for doing poorly. Did I say that out loud?

They are putting this event on next Thursday (6-19) as well and, like usual, it is a first class event.


cyclonecross said...

It might be time for the Valkyrie to spread its wings.


Bill said...

Thanks for the compliment Dave. Nice job last night!