Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mill Creek Park

Today was the Mill Creek Park race. Most people would call this race a crit, but some would argue otherwise. Whatever.

It was hot. Really hot. The 2/3 race started at 11:45 with 25-30 racers. After a couple of breaks stayed away for a bit and were eventually caught, the winning move started with six, then dwindled to four riders. Ray H. (Team Columbus) and Thom D. (Spin) were both in that winning move. The rest of the field battled for the last two paying spots over the next 15 laps/miles after the winning breakaway rode off. I felt like poop most of the race and managed to finish with the main field, which had shrunk significantly over the course of 25 laps. Props to SBR's Chris B. for racing smart and aggressively today.

In the 4/5 race, SBR had Pete S., Gary B., Rick A., Dave T., Matt O., and John V. Gary took 3rd, Pete 6th, and the rest of the boys finished in the field.

Another good race put on by Team MVC.

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Ray Huang said...

It was good to see SBR on the front and being aggressive. CB getting in two breakaway attempts.
btw-I call it a crit!! but what a cool crit course. All it needed was more shade!!