Saturday, June 07, 2008

One of "those guys"


When I first started doing group rides, I used to think that riders who had "race only" wheelsets were total weenies. I still think that, but have now also become one of them.

The progression took some years, but the point is that it happened. I used to think that it was dumb not to use the best gear I had for daily riding since it feels the best and, after all, I am riding for fun. Plus I wanted any advantage I could get in the crazy sketchy town line sprint on County Line road or in the race up whatever hill(s) on which we chose to beat each other to a pulp.

Then, as I amassed more gear, my best wheels were reserved for only the "good" or "fast" group rides that carried a zero chance of rain.

Today I realized that I have officially become one of those weenies whose stance on race wheels I used to mock mercilessly. I can't even remember the last time I rode my race wheels on a day where they didn't see the start line of a race.

I must admit that my "race" wheels are only marginally better and lighter than my regular wheels, and they pale in comparison to the high bling hoops seen on the machines of most local racers. But that is beside the point and does not detract from the fact that I am now one of "those guys."

I could write more on this pressing topic, but I now must go prepare my bike for tomorrow's Mill Creek Park race in Youngstown. And put on my race wheels.


cyclonecross said...

Suprisingly enough, I've migrated away from being one of "those guys" recently. I picked up a set of the Ritchey Protocol LTD wheels and Evo CX tires; I think it's more out of lazyness that I don't change the wheels around now. I should start though, the rear tire is starting to square off and I just got it on 4/27 and didn't mount it up immediately.

Previously I had a set of SL's with a 21mm tubbie on the front and a clincher rear with a Diamonte Pro Light tire. If I go back to running the Pro Light's, I'll definitely keep the wheelset race only, since the tires wear quickly and can be prone to damage (but they're 45gr lighter per tire).

Ray Huang said...

I love the picture...

David Anthony said...


Funny thing, I've come to the opposite conclusion with my automobile wheels. I used to do the same thing with my custom rims--only using them when I cruised around the Warehouse District. Then I realized, "Hey, the honeys are everywhere."

Now I've got the sweet chrome on 24/7 'cause you never know when the babes 'll bite.


ds said...

Dave A.-

Your keen insight never ceases to amaze me.