Sunday, June 01, 2008

Race for Alex

Today was the Race for Alex, a circuit race held in Columbiana County Ohio.

Chris B., Gary B., Mike L., Pete S., and myself lined up for SBR at the master's 30-39 race. Did I mention that I am a bit troubled about being old enough to race masters? Anyways, I managed to join the winning break on lap 1, and then it was off to the races with two other riders from the Pittsburgh area. Another teammate of one of my breakaway companions managed to bridge to us a few laps later (what a beast!), and the four of us were never caught. I was worked over on the last lap and took 4th, the first non-paying place. Still a good race, and a good time.

Chris B., Tom K., and I also did the 2/3 race, which felt pretty comfortable until lap 3, when gaps formed all over the place. The three of us were dropped around the same time. Oh well, doing a masters race before the 2/3 race is a recipe for disaster (at least for us).

SBR also had Pete S., Gary B, Mike N., Mike L., and David T. in the 4/5 field. Pete grabbed 5th, and Gary finished in the front group. David T. finished in the field, Mike L. crashed out, and Mike N. quit to assist Mike L. after the crash. No worries though, everyone was ok. Not sure about everyone's bikes though.

Tom K. also did the masters 40-49 race and finished in the field.

I was also very pleased with the attendance at this race. Over 50 in the 4/5 field and about 44 in the 2/3 field. Like usual, it was well run, had good payouts (not that I would know personally), and raised money for Alex C., a recovering spinal cord injury victim.

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