Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get out of the bike lane, jerk!

Back in April, I was intentionally buzzed by a motorist on a country road. I blogged about it and discussed how it would be nice to have a user-generated database for people to post details of aggressive driver incidents, including license plate numbers.

Today I found a similar type of site dedicated to posting photos of cars illegally blocking bike lanes. It's pretty funny. Here is the Washington D.C. page of the site. Check out the caption next to the photo of the Mercedes, about halfway down the page, that says:

When I took this picture, the guy came out of the car and rushed me, saying "I'm going to smash you in the face." I started biking away and he smashed me in the back with his fist. I am pressing assault charges.


Personally, I would also like it if there was a website dedicated to photos of cyclists doing stupid things. Maybe we would then think twice before doing something about which we would be embarrassed if it was on display for our peers to see.

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cyclonecross said...

I do think the website dedicated to photos of cyclists doing stupid things has merit, but BSNY has it covered to a certain extent.

You'll like this link to what's being done about aggressive drivers in Colorado.