Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, the horror!!

The weather around here this week is looking quite vile. I might have to resort to this:


I bought this machine a few years ago because I knew I would use it more than a trainer. I do use it more than I would a trainer, but that just means I use it more than never.


Gary said...

That looks like it would be useful for hanging clothes on to dry them... Do you use rollers?

ds said...

There are two sets of rollers at my house (not mine, but I can use them whenever), but the Lemond Revmaster is still my preferred method of indoor riding. Katie likes to call it "riding Greg."

What do you use inside?

Ray Huang said...

I took that tip from Brooke and road my Kreitler rollers with the fixie. It was actually kind of fun and I can now ride out of the saddle for about as long as I want, as long as I dont try to go too fast. I dont have a lot of time on rollers just fyi. Never owned any till now. Then of course theres the torture device, the Kurt Kinetic Fluid trainer. You can put out some seriously painful watts on that baby!!