Thursday, January 03, 2008


Once I reached high school, it became taboo to be seen on a bike or walking somewhere. It was a sign of being too young to drive/not having enough money to afford a car/being uncool. I assume this mentally was widespread. Does it still exist?

How screwed up is that?

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Gary said...

I think this mentality does certainly exist in American culture. It's really unfortunate too. Just as cycling in this country has been overshadowed since the days of the Model T, the day one turns 16 is often day they toss their bike to the side.

We are all paying for this mentality, whether we realize it or not. Pollution, rush-hour, urban sprawl, traffic accidents/fatalities, oil/gas /energy prices, obesity and other health problems could be mitigated if more people rode bikes or used public transportation.

Hopefully we can revert from this mentality and learn from the European community. Or we can just continue to be seen by the world as FAT Americans...