Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nowhere to Hide (Mid-Ohio)

Thom D., Jason H., Tom K., and myself represented TeamSpin in the 15 person Cat 1-2-3 field at the Mid-Ohio sports car course. 20 laps and 50 miles of great pavement, wind, hills, and a bunch of really fast dudes.

Thom made the early and decisive break with Jeremy G. and Tris. He then fell off the pace, became part of the chase group, and finished 6th. A mighty effort, and a mighty strong early bridge to the break.

Jason and I toiled in what was left of the field after we missed the second move of the race.

Tom K. rode valiantly (his first time on the bike all year!!) and got a free ride with the 3-4 field after losing contact during one of many surges in our field.

The road racing season is now in full swing, and the fast guys are still fast. Just in case you were wondering.

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