Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 observations from a ride on St. Patrick's day

1. Fewer drunkards on the road than expected.

2. The lady who pulled in front of us at the bottom of the big hill while talking on her cell phone and lighting a cig does not deserve to be driving a car. (This incident may actually contradict my point #1, but cannot be confirmed).

3. I was more than amused when a bunch of John Carroll co-eds yelled out of their car at me, "Hey, there's the guy who dumped Cheryl Crow!!"

Guilty as charged. She was too high maintenance for me.


Tony said...

Doesn't that just make you so mad when you see someone talking on the cell phone in the car...... not paying attention?

David Anthony said...

Actually #3 may contradict #1 as well, given the poularity of St. Patrick's Day Festivities amongst the college-aged crowd, JCU students in particular.

Although I have to agree, that was pretty harsh of you leaving Sheryl Crow like that Dave. She deserves better than you.