Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shreve Cycling Challenge 7-12-08

Another great race held in Shreve, Ohio and sponsored by Shreve Chiropractic. In the Cat 2-3 race, the attacks started from the very beginning and the race was already made about 3/4 into the first of five, nine-mile laps. Unfortunately, Tom and I from SBR did not make the break, which meant a long morning of riding around with the field. Not for me, however, because I lost the will and lost contact with the field on the big hill on the third lap. DNF...Ouch.

Congrats to Matt W. from Team Lake Effect for his impressive win in the 2/3 race.

In the Cat 4 race, SBR's Gary B. took 2nd and Matt O. finished in the field.

In the Cat 5 race, SBR's Mike L. won and Dave T. took 2nd, while Dave K. finished in the field.

The organization and support for this race is crazy good. A bag of free Amish pasta noodles in the promo bag, volunteers handing out water to racers after the race, free lunch for the riders, and an overall excellent vibe.

I do have one beef...with the rider in the main group (after the break was looong gone) who felt the need to chuck his Gu wrapper on the road. Not that this is a serious offense to humanity in the grand scheme of things, but it just shows a real lack of respect for the community that provides dozens of volunteers and offers their scenic country roads for this great event. Not that it would have been any better if the guy was in the breakaway, but c'mon. Is it really that hard to throw the plastic wrapper in your jersey pocket as you cruise along in the grupetto on lap two of five while fighting for the scraps of the race that is already up the road and is never coming back, no matter how much Gu you slurp down?

We can be better than this, people.


MattO said...

I saw that Gu packet laying on the road while I was riding the remaining laps of my race by myself. I thought the exact same thing you did!

Mehul said...

I saw that too. What a shame. It was nice seeing you out there, hope you are out there tomorrow for Zipp night!

Anonymous said...

Get a grip, ladies.

JimmyNick said...

Grip this, anonymous -- then slide your hand up and down. Shouldn't take more than 30 seconds for your free Gu shot.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's hard enough to secure road race courses these days, with all the complaints from locals. It's not hard to just fold the pack in half and stick it in your pocket. even if it leaks a bit, you're going to wash the jersey anyway.

David Anthony said...

That is pretty bad. Considering that for the most part, bicyclists are pro-environment, the whole situation is pretty ironic.

With that being said, I once left Dick's Sporting Goods and was tempted by the Gu packets at the counter. Wondering what the proteinaceous substance inside tasted like I purchased a couple of packs.

As I walked to my car I tore open the package and gulped it down. Ugh! That stuff is disgusting. If you ask me, ingesting that is the ultimate sacrifice. I admire your dediction. Joke's on that poor SOB that littered!