Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Raccoon Rally 2008 road race videos

Start of Cat 1-2 race.

Start of Cat 3-4/masters race.

Start of 2nd lap in Cat 1-2 race.

Start of 2nd lap in Cat 3-4/masters race.

Finish of Cat 1-2 race.

Finish of Cat 3-4/masters race.


cyclonecross said...

Dude you looked STRONG at both the start of the 2nd lap and the finish! Let's just say there are a few things I need to do differently for R.Rally next year.


Anonymous said...

heh. you can see myself and cioccio responding to the holyloft team's pained requests to take it easy through the 'feed zone.' i think we both told them that we were not going very fast anyway at that point. as you can see. td.